Thursday, October 1, 2015

my summer spent in BFE

Boy time sure flies when you're ignoring your social media outlets. Evidently blogging plummeted on my priority list, but I'm attempting to give it another go. Be warned, loyal follower, (I intentionally made that a singular noun as I'm thinking the only person left reading my blog is my mother) much has changed since my last post celebrating my alcoholic endeavors in the beer mile.

Given that my professional attention span compares to that of a goldfish (3 seconds, for all you wondering) I have found interest in a new career field, deviating only slightly from my cozy, air-conditioned customer service job in running specialty. Feeling the imminent pressure of retirement and the need to establish my 401k, I began thinking about my next career move in December of last year. Ideally I wanted something with an element of excitement, yet financial security and good benefits because I needed to appease the adventure seeker inside me while simultaneously quieting my inner senior citizen.

Originally, I intended on applying for the police department in Redmond, WA but had also explored some options on USAJobs, sending my resume to a few postings that looked interesting. Low and behold, in March I received a phone call from Twin Falls, ID asking me to interview for a wildland firefighting position. I thought I had made up my mind with the police department, only a few weeks away from initial testing, but elected to interview with Idaho for "the practice" anyway.

So in May of 2015 I moved to the guard station in Carey, ID to begin my summer as a wildland firefighter. What a curious little setup this fire fighting gig, so reminiscent of college life living in a station (dorm) with 8 other crew members (strangers) and trying to form some semblance of cohesion. Though, as I would soon discover, I couldn't have asked for better crew members and friends. As it turns out, stressful and sometimes life-threatening experiences tend to bring you closer to those you share them with.

In coming posts I'll give you the full summer breakdown, but as a teaser I'll leave you with these images sans explanation...

Until next time!

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