Thursday, July 17, 2014

saddle up

I stand (currently sitting) a mere 24 hours away from the start of my Ragnar Northwest Passage adventure. Most blog posts that I've read on the matter outline an elaborate packing list full of must-haves and forget-me-nots...but seeing as how I have yet to start packing you will not find any of those helpful hints here.

Ragnar is a new and exciting adventure for me! Though my enthusiasm is not fully evident in my (lack of) pre-race preparation, but I assure you I have been anticipating this event for months.

Bird Machine kick starts their adventure at 10am. I am runner number 7 and will start my first leg at approximately 3pm in Bellingham, WA.

Is it sad that my biggest fear going in to this race is that I might not be able to stay awake?

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