Saturday, April 12, 2014

so what's next...

It has been a week since my American River trek across the Sacramento back-country, and for the sake of nostalgia I decided to commemorate my achievement with an 8 mile climb to Mt. Si in North Bend, WA. I mean, why not?

For the most part, I consider myself 95% recovered from the ordeal. Although, I will say my joints (knees) are still in an active state of revolt against me and are probably carefully plotting my assassination. In motion they seem to fair alright, but after an extended period of sitting the effort to stand is futile. That's okay, I really didn't want to leave this restaurant anyway...

Enough rambling.

Looking back, the whole event still hasn't settled. The feelings of excitement, accomplishment, agony...they still linger in the air like dust that never seems to settle, eluding me every time I think they've found a resting point. To me, it is almost as if it didn't happen. But the highly coveted jacket, medal, and scars remind me that it did.

This week has been a new adventure all its own; full of ups, downs, and of course...running. Another major geographical move may be on the horizon for me. The fear of the unknown is taxing, yet oddly liberating. I have no idea what my future holds, but all I can do it hold on tight and hope for the best.

Since the Seattle clock is ticking, I will be cramming as much run and fun into the next 30 days as possible. That started today with my hike at Mt Si. My first outdoor adventure since arriving in Washington and it was spectacular!

We had some cloud coverage, but I tell you it felt like we were on top of the world at only 4,500 ft. 
Don't worry...I made sure my sandwich made it to the top too.
This week also ushered in a major 100th day of consecutive running. Subsequently on said milestone day, I had a friend inform me that he knew of some runners who were on their 15th consecutive YEAR of running nonstop...sure. Every parade needs a little rain right? Bring your umbrella.

Nothing was going to knock me off my pedestal, not even some super freaks who clearly don't have lives... *She said in bitter jealousy.* Still, this is a pretty amazing feat and we celebrated with delicious carbs at a local Italian hot spot.
So what's on the horizon? Next week I celebrate my 26th birthday with the Earth Day 5k at Alki Beach in Seattle. The big seller were the promise of a caravan of food trucks lining the finish area. Sold.

On May 10th I will be running the Hippie Chick Half Marathon in Hillsboro, OR courtesy of @betterseries racing group. I'm tickled by the idea of putting some speed back into my lower extremities and seeing some of the Oregon countryside. 

That concludes my report for now. Life is about to become incredibly unpredictable in the coming weeks, I'm eager to see what path my feet will find. Until next time, my running continues. Cheers. Day 102. #streak365

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