Friday, June 13, 2014

life, love, and my pursuit of happiness

Hello darling, we meet again.

What day is it? Hell, what month is it? The last few weeks are all a blur, but in a good way I suppose.

Running everyday, working most everyday, and hiking to the outer ends of the Earth at least three times a week...welcome to life in the Pacific Northwest.

The only problem with my schedule is that it left little time for sleep. To answer your next question, a person can last roughly 2 weeks at that pace while neglecting sleep before said person becomes inflicted with the plague. Bummer.

Frankly this is the only reason I found enough time to stop and compose the next installment of my memoirs. But since we've both found our way here all the same - lovely strangers I've probably never met before - I'll take the time and give you the latest scoop.

I get around...alot.

*Remove head from gutter*

Annette Lake 
Lake Twenty Two
Talpus Lake
Granite Mountain


Ragnar Northwest Passage quickly approaches. The nerves are starting to set in as I haven't been able to get my weekly mileage up to where I'd like it. I look forward to it though, something to check off my bucket list.

I'm still running everyday. Some days though I have to haul down the mountain to sneak in a mile when I don't get the opportunity to go for a separate run later in the day. Now that I've fallen ill with what can only be described as the viral plague, I imagine getting in that precious mile will be a challenge over the next few days.

Now we get to the good stuff. Those intimate, personal details shared only with my closest group of online!

First, I love my job. Want to know the secret to loving your job? Stop chasing dollar signs, illustrious titles, or whatever other accolades you think you need to be happy in your career. I always thought I needed to climb the corporate ladder, jump through hoops (flaming ones) in an effort to makes more money and gain more status...the only formula for happiness, right?


The things I associated with happiness instead brought me stress and misery. Now my life is simple, and I couldn't love it more. I am surrounded by coworkers who have become my closest friends, I find joy in what I do, and I am able to go on adventures to my heart's content. Life is good.

Not much to report in this category, except to say that my world is about the size of a melting ice cube left out in the Fresno sun. All other areas are going exceptionally well for me, so it is cosmic balance that this particular arena be a bloody mess. That's alright though, I expect my phenomenally small world will eventually yield an encounter with Daniel Craig or Robert Downey Jr and all will be made right.

The Pursuit of Happiness
So far, so good. I'll call it a win.

Until next time. Run happy my friends.

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  1. Hey, Amanda! I happened upon your blog and am really enjoying reading it. I am rooting for you to meet all your goals and learn a lot in the process!