Friday, December 6, 2013

cali in the wash

Long story short: I quit my job in early October, stuffed my meager life into my car, kissed my family goodbye, and drove 1,000 miles from Armpit, California to Seattle in hopes of finding the life I had always dreamt of.

For the most part, I've executed my plan without a hitch. I landed my dream job working in marketing at Oiselle, found the world's smallest house to call home, and am embracing the weather change with open arms. And yet, something is missing...

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of my transition into "dream life", running has become a neglected verb in recent months.  Finding the motivation to get off my ass and out the door is a struggle now more than ever. I'm a runner, through and through, did I mention that? I won't bother the masses with arbitrary details, but running has always been a driving force for me. 

Yet I've all but disowned it... Running and I rarely play nice, in fact it's kind of like that friend who only calls you when it's convenient and always manages to kick you when you're down... Regardless, my love is unconditional.

In an effort to regain some perspective and effectively catapult myself back into the running scene, I have developed a plan - the mother of all resolutions - for 2014. 

I am, by my own free will, electing to run the year in its entirety. That's right, 365 days of placing one foot in front of the other for a mile or more. But wait! That's not all...

In addition to running all 365 days, I will attempt to meet three additional goals.

1. Set a new 5k PR.
My nemesis, the 5k has always proved unconquerable. Nearly every attempt to finish in good rapport has left me humbled and breathless, barely clinging to dignity. Not this year. 

2. Run a 1 mile time trial in under 5 minutes, 10 seconds...wearing nothing but randies and a sports bra.
Why? Because I'm needing a giant leap out of my comfort zone. Running a sub-5:10 mile will usher in my return to race-ready fitness, and doing it in my underwear will keep it spicy. 

3. Complete and ultra-marathon.
How many marathons have I run? Valid question. None. But I'm determined to do this anyway. 

My goals are ambitious, my expectations absurd, and my point irrelevant...but I am determined to rekindle my running flame even if it kills me. For accountability purposes - mostly for myself - I intend to document my progress of successes and failures. 

Keep a weather eye out, this is bound to get interesting...


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