Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ragnar, the effects of napoleon, and my weekly peaks's been a while. But thankfully we are like old friends who, despite long gaps between encounters, can pick up where they left off without skipping a beat. Yes, we are the oldest and dearest of friends.

Time to play catch up.

My Ragnar NWP experience was...interesting. If you've never run a Ragnar Relay, the general premise is that you and 11 other suckers agree to split the burden of 196 miles to be run over the course of 24 hours. Sounds like perfect fun to me!

Ragnar effectively falls under what I so lovingly label: The Napoleon Dynamite Effect.

Remember that adorably horrendous movie Napoleon Dynamite staring everyone's favorite llama and curly-haired geek with glasses? Of course you do! Chances are you have found yourself (on more than one occasion) chuckling aloud at the thought of voting for Pedro or seeing a Liger in the wild... Ah what incredible jokes arose from that blockbuster hit! But I'll be damned if any one of you can say that you actively enjoyed that movie as you were watching it. You may think you did, but really we all looked on wondering why we had ever agreed to plant our asses in that chair. Ragnar was much like that, tough to suffer through at the time...funny as hell after the fact.

Top 10 Ragnar Take-Aways:

10. Gym floors are for playing basketball, not for sleeping. Sleep in the car, thank me later.

9. You're not going to sleep regardless of where you are.

8. We all mastered the art of the "U-turn."

7. You will either love or hate the people you're stuck in a van with. Thankfully we were the former.

6. Don't pack enormous amounts of food that you probably won't eat. But bring chips, everyone eats chips...

5. Beware the bitch eaten' crackers and understand that the struggle is real.

4. You do you, and I'm gonna do me. Translation: I will get the parking spot that you missed while cutting me off at the transition zone.

3. The legs associated with Van 2 run up every major hill in northern half of the Washington coast.

2. I met "Post-Fontaine." Enough said.

1. Absolutely the most breath-taking views of the Whidbey Island countryside.

Since the completion of Ragnar, my XC training is now in full swing. My weekly mileage has steadily climbed to 30+ miles and workouts have begun.

I've had to combine my passion for running and my love of hiking, resulting in a love child that I've aptly named "Trail Run Tuesday." And yet despite the fact that I ride the struggle bus all the way up the mountain, I find myself falling in love with this sport as well.

Trail Run Tuesday:

7/28/14 Rattlesnake Ledge - 5 miles
8/5/14 Goat Lake - 10 miles
Currently training for the Sundodger Invitational on September 20th hosted by the University of Washington. 

Even more exciting, Mount St. Helens is on my horizon for August 15th! 

I want to give a special thanks to Scott and Jill for being incredible friends and encouraging my hiking endeavors. I should only hope all of you have people in your lives that are as special as these two.

Until next time, get outside!

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